Q&A with Kirsty Devine

Kirsty Devine answered a Q&A recently whilst she was working in our Commercial & Technology team. Here is what she had to say…

What first attracted you to Taylor Vinters?

Originally I had a week’s long vacation scheme with Taylor Vinters, so I had a good feel for the culture of the firm. I knew that Taylor Vinters was fast growing and pioneering in respect of its Commercial Technology practice. The ambitiousness of the firm appealed to me as I felt it reflected my own career goals. It was also important for me to obtain a training contract in a full-service law firm so I could experience a wide range of legal sectors before qualification.

Can you tell me about some exciting work you’ve done this year?

I have had responsibility for a number of exciting projects so far!

I particularly enjoyed the trade mark work in the Commercial Technology team. I assisted Louisa Dixon – the Senior Associate in the trade mark team – with the registration and renewal of trade mark applications for Luton Town FC, which involved renewing the registration for the previous logo and applying for the new one.

The work was really hands-on; I liaised with our contact at Luton Town FC and filed the application for the new trade mark, as well as the renewal application for the existing trade mark, at the Intellectual Property Office. It was a lot of responsibility on my shoulders but I could always approach Louisa with any questions.

So having experienced that specialism, is it something you are interested in taking further?

Definitely! The Commercial Technology sector is developing so rapidly – it is a really exciting area of law! The recent judgment in the EU courts preventing Microsoft from registering a trade mark for “Skype” (as it is considered to be too similar to “Sky”) demonstrates the care companies must take when establishing their own brands – the cost of rebranding could be huge!

As a trainee, have you been involved with the social aspects of the firm?

As well as being a member of the Taylor Vinters netball team (and designing the new team kit!), I always attend the regular firm socials. Just recently we had a pub crawl in London – we were split into two teams, and had various challenges. It was really good fun and it was lovely to socialise with people in both the Cambridge and London offices.


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