New Horizons

Our latest blog is from trainee Robyn Le Friec who joined Taylor Vinters earlier this month.

Commencing a new job is always a daunting prospect.  But combine that with moving to a new area, into a new house and meeting new people, it is probably normal to think “can I do this?” My experience of driving on the A14 and dodging cyclists certainly tested my patience.

I am fortunate enough to be accustomed to moving around.  I grew up on the beautiful channel island of Guernsey, just off the coast of France.  I studied at Warwick University and spent a year in France, then studied in Birmingham for the LPC.  Seven years after coming to the UK, I find myself in Cambridge, a city bursting with as much heritage and charm as rogue cyclists, and arguably one of the most beautiful historic cities in the World.

As I have learned from my first month at Taylor Vinters, sometimes it takes this kind of leap of faith to realise that making the big move is not as scary as it first seems.  My placement in the Commercial Property team came as a surprise to me when I found out where I was to be going for my first seat.  Not least because I thought it was an area of law that I had seen the back of the moment I skipped out of the LPC exam.  Having said that, I can truly say that I appreciate the opportunity to work in an area where I have no prior experience.  Taylor Vinters is a firm that promotes innovation as well as personal development.  Being placed outside of your comfort zone is what ultimately helps you to become a better lawyer.

The first week of work ended in a chauffeured punt, organised by the social committee.  Fuelled by a cardboard box of goodies (alcohol and crisps) it was an enjoyable and amusing way to get to know my fellow trainees and colleagues, and participate in a must-do activity when visiting Cambridge.  Even if it meant becoming an unwilling victim of an inter-punt ice cube fight.

In terms of living in Cambridge, I have yet to fully appreciate what the city has to offer but what I quickly came to understand is that having a bike is essential.  So I have decided that if you can’t beat them, then I best join them and I will be riding my hybrid to the office when it arrives.


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