And… it’s really quite fun!

First year trainee Geoff Dragon answers some questions on his experiences in our Commercial & Technology team.

You’re now halfway through your seat in the Technology team. How are you finding it?

I love it. It really is so diverse. There are a few things you have to repeat, but on the whole every day is different. And… it’s really quite fun.

And there’s a deal that you’ve been working for a client involving use of drones. You can’t name the client, but they are a big company, right?

Yeah, a large multinational company…

Tell me a bit about the deal.

It was less of a deal and more on-going advice that we’ve been providing them. They want to start using drones in this country, and here in England we probably have the most structured drone law in the world. It’s a brand new area of law that we’re working on, though, so there’s no real precedence.

We’ve been advising the client on the regulatory side, which has meant that we have drafted an operations manual and I’ve been heavily involved with that.  Also, if a client wanted to use drones for a commercial use, they have to apply to the civil aviation authority, so we also do all the applications for that.

The fact that this side of the law is so new and so cutting edge is really exciting.

How much involvement did you have – were you able to get stuck in?

I drafted some parts of the operations manual which was great because obviously no one else has really done that before, and I was making amendments to it as and when. I pretty much handled the application to the Civil Aviation Authority myself. I’ve even been in contact with other countries’ government agencies to discuss regulations!

The lawyer you were assisting on this work is kind of a big deal in the field! Did you find him approachable?

He’s great, really approachable and always happy to help. He takes the time to talk you through everything carefully.

Do you feel like everything you’re learning is a good foundation for when you start your career?

There are a lot of things that I’m doing now that are going to be transferrable to other areas of the law. Most of the work has international aspects to it, too, so I feel like I’m learning so much. With this brand new area of law, it really encourages you to think critically, make decisions and judgements, and apply logic and reason. You really are encouraged to get involved with the work.


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